Men Talk

BARTIN UNIVERSITY (TR): Bartın University (P1) is the coordinator of the MenTalk Project. 
Founded in 2008, Bartın University has around 11.000 students at the moment with new departments being opened and students admitted to these programmes every year. 
The Department of Foreign Languages at Bartın University provides optional English Preparatory Program to those students who are admitted to the university and Departmental English Courses (DEC) for students during the whole four years and aim to enable them to follow the literature in their fields of study and communicate both in written and spoken English. While Preparatory Program is optional for students so that they can decide to attend it or not, DECs are obligatory courses with credits for which the tuition hours and credits are determined by the mutual consent of the Department of Foreign Languages and the individual departments of the university. The main aim of DEC is to help students improve English continuously and develop English for Specific Purposes (ESP), English for Academic Purposes (EAP) that are essential for future studies and jobs. The department also provides language courses in German. 

DamaSistem (TR): Operating at the Middle East Technical University TECHNOPOLIS, Damasistem is a research and development company focusing on development of educational software. Also, providing training and consultancy, Damasistem provides solutions to high costs, loss of time and low rates of success encountered by many organizations, which try to solve their instructional needs with traditional methods. While making education more effective and entertaining through their computer aided training solutions, they also offer tailored solutions to organizations, as well as lowering training costs and delivering an increase in efficiency. 

BEST INSTITUT (AT): Best Institut für berufbezogene Weiterbildung und Personaltraining GmbH was founded in 1990 as an independent Austrian organization for providing continuous training, vocational qualification and career services. Its main activities comprise the development of innovative training programmes for young (+16) individuals and adults, many of them disadvantages and with migration background, on continuous and vocational training, counselling and coaching and activation for job seekers and employees. The training schemes are client-oriented and based on both the specific needs of the labour market and the participants’ individual situations, skills and competences, previous experience and life circumstances. 

UNIAO das FREQUESIAS DE GONDOMAR (PT): The Association for Social Development in Gondomar is a Private Institution of Social Solidarity and Public Services since 2008, with 15 employees, 20 volunteers and 535 associated members. Their strong social focus is the promotion of the non-formal education, the social support and social inclusion of elderly and unemployed people, the intergenerational solidarity and the social entrepreneurship. 

ARIS FORMAZIONE E RICERCA (IT): ARIS operates in the field of vocational training, research and consultancy. ARIS is an agency generated by Legacoop Umbria Association in 1987 to support the whole cooperative regional movement operating in different sectors; tourism, social services, social inclusion, consumers, buildings, housing, agriculture, logistics multi-services and facility management etc. 

BERGEN VOKSENOPPLAERING (NO): Bergen Voksenopplaering is one of the two schools for adults above 18 years of age in the municipality of Bergen, the second largest city in Norway. The school has groups and classes that teach Norwegian as a foreign language. The municipality and thus, the adult education schools have a responsibility of enabling people from other countries to speak Norwegian language as well as adapt to Norwegian society. The school focuses on students with educational needs in basic skills. The school conducts courses including reading, writing, Mathematics, Norwegian, English and social studies.